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Lead Backend Developer - Build innovative IoT platform that helps make the world more sustainable Amsterdam

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  • Directe werkgever


  • Fulltime
  • HBO of hoger
  • Senior


  • Vast contract
  • 8.100 p/m



Vacature in het kort

Join our young and dynamic tech startup as a Lead Backend Developer in Amsterdam and help make the world more sustainable with our innovative IoT platform. Dive into a role where you'll design and build the backend, handle vast amounts of real-time data, and work closely with the product and end users. Enjoy the chance to broaden your skills across DevOps/Cloud, Mobile Development, Frontend, IoT/Data Engineering, or even AI/ML. Plus, after a year, you'll receive shares and become a co-owner of the company. Join us for this unique opportunity to grow technically and personally, while being part of a passionate team. See what awaits you in this role by reading on.

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Your job: Lead Backend Developer Amsterdam
  • Does it seem cool to you to make the world more sustainable with an innovative IoT platform?
  • Do you want to work for a young and dynamic tech startup that is well-funded and you have interesting work for the coming years?
  • How would you like to set up your own passionate tech team in the near future?
  • Do you want to crack your brain around architecture, real-time data processing, AI / ML, and Cloud?
  • Would you like to work with Kotlin, Spring Boot, Golang, Kubernetes, GCP, MongoDB, Terraform (even if you don't have any experience with these yet)?!
Sound like a unique opportunity? Then read on quickly!

Your employer: Makes the world a bit more sustainable with an IoT product
You sometimes have those companies where you think, I would like to be there from the absolute beginning. Well, this is your chance! This young successful tech startup is already doing well with its disruptive IoT product and contributing to a more sustainable world. They play an essential role with their product by making thousands (potentially millions) of companies more aware of our planet's natural resources, limiting waste, and reducing emissions. This means that you will get a lot of satisfaction from your work knowing that you directly contribute to making the earth more sustainable! Even in this somewhat uncertain time, this young tech startup knows how to stick its head out. They have recently managed to secure funding so that they can remain financially healthy and grow rapidly for at least the coming years. This allows you to do what you love most, namely writing software that you say you like. Their culture is driven by curiosity, innovation, continuous learning, and a passion for quality and fun! Because they are small, you feel like you are part of something special and you build strong relationships with all your colleagues. In short, with a small but very close team, you will embark on this adventure together!

The role: Lead Backend Developer Amsterdam
As a Lead Backend Developer Amsterdam you get the chance to work on their brand new IoT platform. The backend has to be designed and builthere (a lot of greenfield) and you have to deal with huge amounts of real-time data that you have to process in your platform. You will work very closely with the product and stay in directcontact with the end user, which means that you will receive feedback on your work even faster. How cool is that? You also get the chance to work with a very interesting stack (even if you have no experience with this yet). Think of: Kotlin, Spring Boot, Golang, Kubernetes, GCP, MongoDB, Jenkins & Terraform. You can go all-in here! In addition, you will have the unique opportunity to broaden your technical knowledge horizontally. You can immerse yourself in DevOps/Cloud, Mobile Development, Frontend, IoT/Data Engineering, or even AI/ML. As a result, you will be intellectually challenged in the coming years and your technical knowledge will really grow to a higher level.

Growth opportunities
Because they are still small, as Lead Backend Developer you get best of both worlds: on the one side build this awesomesoftware product and on the other side create and manage your own tech team! How cool is that?! In addition, after one year you will receive sharesand become a co-owner of the company. So when they make it, they won't have to celebrate the success alone 😉. What potential!

What is requested?
  • 5 years professional backend development experience
  • Professional backend development experience in Java, Kotlin, Golang or Python
  • Proven experience in Technical Leadership
  • You have a polyglot mindset
  • Experience with Docker/Kubernetes is a plus
  • Experience with cloud such as AWS, GCP, Azure is a plus
  • A completed BSc or MSc in Computer Science is a plus
  • You have a startup-mentality
What is offered?
  • Salary up to €97.200 based on knowledge and added value
  • 25 vacation days & after 1 year of service 30 days
  • Travel allowance
  • Laptop or MacBook
  • Work from home 1 to 2 days a week
  • Get shares after 1 year!
  • Cozy drinks and a very flat structure
Does it seem like a chance to you to make the world a more sustainable place together with that small tight-knit team with awesome technology?

Then don't wait any longer and sign up using the form below, or send your resume to Roy Schaper, via via de button "Solliciteer nu" op deze pagina.
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