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About us
Every Angle Software Solutions BV is a Dutch software company that develops the Every Angle SAP add-on for operations management. This system enables the simple, flexible and fast production of valuable business content from your SAP database and to enhance it using intelligent algorithms.

The development of a new SAP add-on for operations management was started in 1996. The point of departure was the idea that it should be possible to do more with the SAP data than just processing transactions or simple management report generation. The objective was: The development of software that can generate valuable information based on the data already available in an SAP system to substantially improve the efficiency and effect of the decision-making processes.

The performance of traditional database management systems was too low to generate the requested information. New technology had to be developed. The Live Objects technology was developed. This technology enabled advanced analyses of large and complex data structures and networks of millions of orders in a short period of time. It also provided fast, easy and flexible access to the results of the analyses.

The SAP add-on Every Angle is this technology combined with intelligent algorithms and the complete SAP Business Logic. The name is based on its unique functionality to easily and intuitively examine and analyse SAP data from every angle.

Every Angle has developed into an advanced system that offers valuable functionality to SAP organizations and SAP users worldwide. Its success is based on the combination of advanced software and the high level of knowledge of SAP and corporate processes of the consultants. Every Angle Software Solutions BV has a substantial and fast-growing customer portfolio that includes well-known national and international organizations. Every Angle is used in more than 40 countries worldwide. The developments endorse the strong position of Every Angle in the SAP landscape.

Our mission is to provide insight into SAP data and corporate processes to SAP organizations and SAP users worldwide by implementing an SAP add-on thereby making higher quality control information available and improving the quality of their SAP implementation. As a result, corporate processes and business performance improve and IT and logistical costs are reduced.


Every Angle
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