Vacature Sr / Lead Software Engineer ( C++ / Machine- / Motion Control) - Eindhoven


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As a senior / lead software engineer you will getthe chance to have an impact on the worldwide semiconductor industry.

With your broad software experience you will get thechance to have a very diverse role within the software team. You will beresponsible for the software architecture and implementation, but also for thetesting, integration and partly maintenance of very complex machines. Withinthe team it is appreciated that you have a proactive attitude. For example yousee it as a challenge to explore new tools and techniques to improve thesoftware development process. Next to this we ask you to coach your juniorcolleagues in their development.

The size of the software team that you will join is between10 and 20 people. Your colleagues are used to applying the Agile Scrummethodology on a daily basis in their work.

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  • We are looking for a senior candidate (around 10 ormore years of experience).
  • The code base that our client uses is mainly basedon C and C++, so we are looking for a candidate with broad experience in theselanguages. It helps if you also have some experience with Python or C#.
  • The machines that you will get to develop softwarefor have a lot of moving part at very high speed on a nanometer precisionscale. So we are looking for you if you have experience with developing realtimesoftware for moving part in a complex environment.
  • Some different examples ofthis could be: you developed software for safety critical systems in theaerospace industry; you developed software for complex washing machines or youhave developed machine control software.
  • Itis an advantages if you have experience with Agile software development,continuous integration and model driven design.For this position it is important that you feelcomfortable communicating on different levels within the organization. On onehand you will coach your junior colleagues, on the other hand it could be yourresponsibility to give some pushback on an architectural decision of a seniorcolleague.
  • Keeping the software of high quality is importantto you. If you have ideas on how to improve the software (process) you are itcomes naturally to you to bring them forward within the organization.

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Overige info
  • The right candidate will beprovided a challenging and varied position in a professional, high-techenvironment. An appropriate salary, future prospects and excellent benefits areevident.Seeing as Trinamics feelsit is important you can fully focus on working in a new organization in a newrole, next to adjusting to a new life in a new country and culture, we’re hereto help you in a smooth relocation. We are experienced in assisting you on thevisa application process, travel, short and long stay, 30% ruling (taxexemption) application, health insurance, setting up a bank account, Dutchlanguage courses and (in case it’s needed) finding proper schooling for yourchild(ren).

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Bedrijfsomschrijving Trinamics is een succesvol bureau dat gespecialiseerd is in arbeidsvraagstukken en projectondersteuning voor MBO-, HBO-, WO- en PhD technici in de vakgebieden Werktuigbouwkunde, Elektrotechniek, Chemie en ICT.

Dankzij onze kennis van de arbeidsmarkt kunnen wij de juiste baan voor je vinden waar jouw talent tot zijn recht komt. Onze opdrachtgevers zijn klein tot zeer grote ondernemingen op nationaal- en internationaal niveau.

Vanuit Breda, Eindhoven en Rotterdam onderhouden wij contacten met opdrachtgevers en technisch specialisten in Noord-Brabant, Zeeland en Zuid-Holland.

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Contactpersoon Mathieu van Lieshout
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