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ING is looking for a passionate Chapter Lead Data Engineering

Think Forward! Our purpose is to empower people to stay a step ahead in life and in business. We are an industry recognized strong brand with positive recognition from customers in many countries, strong financial position, omni-channel distribution strategy and international network. If you want to work at a place with lots of freedom to innovate, where we believe that you can live by the Agile manifesto without jeopardizing the necessary continuity, compliance and QA measures, where we are committed to deliver stable and secure services to end users, and where we have a 'no nonsense' getting-things done mentality, please read on!

As a Chapter Lead Data Engineering you will play a key role in driving the success of Data Engineering within the Wholesale Banking Advanced Analytics team from ideation to the delivery of data driven products and solutions. You will be involved in all data engineering projects and be responsible for maintaining a very high quality standard.

For 40% of your time you will have hands-on involvement. As a Data Engineer at WBAA you will be responsible for the data architecture and infrastructure of a project together with your colleagues. This involves the ingestion, scalable processing and efficient storage of data as well as the running of machine learning models and setting up of a full data analysis pipeline.

Next to the hands on project related work you will be responsible for the data engineers in your chapter from coaching and professional development to hiring and staffing. Furthermore, you will be responsible for promoting data engineering excellence within the organization.

Your passion is to work with the latest and greatest technologies that make working with large amounts of data easy, you’re pro-active in keeping yourself up to date and are always searching for new ways to discover new technologies. You also enjoy laying the architectural foundations for the things you’re working on. You combine both thinking of the future and a hands on, right now attitude. You will work in a team with highly skilled people and enjoy a creative atmosphere where trying things out is encouraged.

A day in the life of a Chapter Lead Data Engineering

As a Chapter Lead Data Engineering you are the single most important part of the team. Without your work, nothing moves, data sits idle and useless in a DB or even worse: in excel sheets. You are coaching, developing, inspiring and leading your chapter to take on this challenge by combining these sources in real-time, distributed systems to handle large amounts of data loads in no-time. Data scientists, analysts, business users, CEO’s are continuously praising you, thanking you, worshipping you….

That’s when you wake up to go to work. You start your day discussing with some members of your chapter on their challenges, coaching them to help them achieve the best and leading the way for Data Engineering standards within the tribe. After your morning coffee you sit with data scientists to find the best way to get their models to run in production, leading the way in how to aggregate the data and process it efficiently for each model. You talk to the business to ingest new sources, cleaning and preparing the data and writing the code that connect it to your application. After a lunch break with colleagues you think of a new technology you’d like to try out. You start investigating and write it up for the next experimentation day. At the end of the afternoon you finalize some comments colleagues had on your latest blog post or start building your presentation for the next conference you’re presenting at. As a Data Engineer working at WBAA, you’ll never get bored with many experienced and skilled engineers around you, the freedom to innovate and to not only use open source tooling, but also contribute and teach about them.

What department?

The Wholesale Banking Advanced Analytics team is a team of 120 people (and growing rapidly) that has the mission to make Wholesale Banking in ING data driven. We do this by combining Big Data technology with Data Science to deliver high value solutions and products for our organization. We work in a fun and creative environment and we’re dedicated to bringing out the best in both each other and our projects.

Job description

Your passion is to work with the latest and greatest technologies in the field of Data Engineering. You will work as a Chapter Lead with hierarchical responsibilities towards your own chapter of data engineers. Besides, you’ll work as a data engineer on different projects within the Wholesale Banking Advanced Analytics team. With this team, you will be building new capabilities for WBAA on the data Engineering part. You will help to launch new initiatives within ING and support teams and their projects within ING. At WBAA we always work with agile techniques.

Our Stack

Within the Wholesale banking Advanced Analytics team we use (amongst others) the following technologies and frameworks:


  • Docker / Kubernetes / Openshift


  • Apache Spark
  • Apache Flink
  • Apache Airflow


  • Ceph (S3)
  • Apache Kafka
  • PostgreSQL
  • Apache Cassandra (and other noSQL DBs)
  • Apache Druid
  • Apache Avro
  • Apache Parquet


  • Scala
  • Python
  • ReactJS

Data Security and Lineage:

Apache Atlas

Apache Ranger

Do you recognize yourself in this profile:

As a Chapter Lead Data Engineering:

  • You have at least 6 years of (global) work experience in the Data Engineering space (methods, technology, data)
  • You have a proven track record of developing people and knowledge through coaching or mentoring
  • You have experience and love leading teams to drive results and interact with (senior level) stakeholders
  • You are able to explain complicated subjects clearly
  • You are friendly and approachable and are able to challenge data engineers
  • Your enthusiasm is visible and you are good with mobilizing people for our data driven purpose
  • You are motivated to keep up to date with the latest developments and to introduce them to the team and projects where applicable
  • You are able to see where ING can create steps towards becoming a truly data driven bank.
  • You’re always thinking one step ahead, for example in advising about the best way of implementation.
  • You are a team player who strikes effective balance between independence and acting in the interest of the team

As a Data Engineer you have:

  • Knowledge of data manipulation and transformation, e.g. SQL
  • Hands-on experience building complex data pipelines e.g. ETL
  • Hands-on experience managing and further developing distributed systems and clusters for both batch as well as streaming data (S3/Spark and/or Kafka/Flink)
  • Programming in scripting languages, e.g. Python
  • Programming in a statically typed language, e.g. Scala
  • Experience in setting up both SQL as well as noSQL databases
  • Deployment and provisioning automation tools e.g. Docker, Kubernetes, Openshift, CI/CD
  • Bash scripting and Linux systems administration
  • Security, authentication and authorisation (LDAP / Kerberos / PAM)
  • Affinity with Advanced Analytics, Data Science
  • Other programming languages: scripting (Ruby, Groovy, …) or statically typed languages (Java, C++, Go, …)

What do we offer?

Working at ING means working in a dynamic and international setting. Individual development of our employees is very important and that is why ING offers excellent courses and programs. You will become a member of the Wholesale Banking Advanced Analytics team, a prestigious, no-nonsense and high-output data-science team. Diva behaviour is not tolerated, neither is underperformance. We only hire people with exceptional talents and capabilities! You will work on the most innovative projects within ING. In addition we offer:

  • Fun!
  • A competitive salary
  • Working with highly skilled people
  • Working in an area which is of great importance to the strategy of ING
  • A relaxed and fun team
  • An International atmosphere
  • A full time position (40 hour week)
  • Great training and education opportunities

Are you keen to know more or apply?

For further inquiries, please contact Rahina Gaffar [email protected]

We are looking forward to getting to know you!

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Bedrijfsomschrijving Over ING
ING (onderdeel van ING Groep N.V.) kwam in 1991 tot leven door een fusie tussen Nationale-Nederlanden en de NMB Postbank Groep. De naam is een afkorting van Internationale Nederlanden Groep. Sinds de fusie is ING een bank voor jong en oud, arm en rijk, ZZP'ers, MKB'ers, grootbedrijven, instellingen en corporate clients. Het is ons doel om zowel consumenten als bedrijven de mogelijkheid voor een betere toekomst te bieden via een ruim aantal financiële producten. Ons aanbod bestaat uit betalen en creditcards, sparen, hypotheken, beleggen, lenen, verzekeren, pensioenen en (mobiel) internetbankieren. ING zet zich actief in voor veilig bankieren en voor duurzaamheid. Duurzaamheid is voor de Nederlandse samenleving, onze klanten en onszelf een belangrijk onderwerp. Door op duurzame wijze te financieren en beleggen, helpen we klanten ‘financieel fitter' te zijn.

Werken bij ING
Bij ING kies je voor een geweldige plek om te werken, maar je moet natuurlijk ook geen Utopia verwachten. We zijn er heel realistisch in dat niet iedereen zich volledig thuis zal voelen bij ING, en ook in onze ogen kan niet elke persoon even geschikt zijn. Bij ons is het namelijk niet belangrijk hoe goed je bent, maar hoe goed je wilt zijn. Heb jij de ambitie om je best te doen bij een duurzaam bedrijf waar we erin geloven dat we onze medewerkers in staat moeten stellen om een stap voor te blijven in zowel het persoonlijke als het zakelijke leven? Dan ben jij een persoon die we graag uit willen dagen om dit bij ons te komen bewijzen. ING is ambitieus en vraagt dan ook veel van je. Het is daarom alleen maar eerlijk om daar ook veel voor terug te geven. Onze arbeidsvoorwaarden zijn goed en op een aantal gebieden zelfs onderscheidend. Naast een uitstekend salaris kun je ook standaard rekenen op een goed pensioen.

Vacatures ING
In de provincies Noord-Holland, Zuid-Holland en Friesland zoekt ING met regelmaat nieuwe ICTers voor traineeships of een parttime of fulltime dienstverband. Via de meeste vacatures wordt gezocht naar ervaren professionals in de Informatie Technologie. Dit kunnen CISO specialisten zijn, maar ook kunnen er mogelijkheden tussen de vacatures staan voor bijvoorbeeld business analisten, product owners, OPS engineers, IT workplace engineers, DevOps engineers, .NET developers en data analisten. Voor traineeships en stages worden eveneens kansen aangeboden.

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