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Vacancy: Lead Backend Developer Kotlin Utrecht

  • Would you like to have a direct impact on making the world more sustainable?
  • Do you like working for a financially stabletech scale up that raised almost 10 million last year?
  • What about working in a very skilled software engineering team with one of the brightest minds in the region?
  • Do you enjoy working on complex technical challenges with technologies such as Kotlin, Spring Boot, Kafka, Docker, Elasticsearch & AWS?

Don't wait any longer, because you don't get such an opportunity every day!!!

Your employer: Well-funded tech scale up has a major impact on making the world more sustainable!

Sometimes there are companies that have remained under the radar for a long time and the moment everyone knows them you think, I would have liked been there when they were a bit smaller. Well here is your chance. This tech scale up is working hard to make the world more sustainable with bleeding edge technology. We don't see companies like this very often in the region.

The goal is clear here, focus on an industry where most returns can be made to make the world a more sustainable and green place. Hire the brightest minds from the region and focus on such a technically complex domain and you will enter areas where engineers have hardly been. This is exactly what they have done here, good results have been achieved and thus many millions in funding have been raised to further shape this. And not without result, because they work here for impressive customers such as Tesla!

The organization has its origins here in the Netherlands, so their development hub is also located in the heart of Utrecht. You will work in a very flat and transparent organizational culture. As an engineer, you have a lot of freedom and confidence here. For example, the organization has embraced remote working and you can completely determine your working hours yourself and days off are not counted here.

Your role: Lead Backend Developer Kotlin Utrecht

In your role as Lead Backend Developer Kotlin Utrecht you will work in a highly skilled and experienced team of Senior Developers and Data Engineers. You and your team will consider various technical issues surrounding high available and distributed systems. Unlocking complex metadata, solving real-time challenges, setting up completely new products and building high available APIs. All of this is developed with Kotlin, Spring Boot, Kafka, Docker, Elasticsearch and AWS.

In your role as a Lead Backend Engineer, you will technically lead a small group of very skilled engineers. Currently, the Head of Engineering, who is still one of the best techies around is leading the team. As the company is growing and so is the team he really can use a hands-on leading right hand, to further grow the company.

Besides leading you also have the opportunity to develop yourself further in several development languages ​​and areas. If you are interested in Full Stack, you can also focus on the front-end API with React or solve data engineering/Machine Learning challenges with Python/Spark. Here you really get the chance to develop multiple software engineering disciplines.

What is being asked?
  • A completed technical Bachelor or Master, such as Computer Science, A.I or related
  • Experience in leading teams from a technical perspective
  • At least 6 years of professional software development experience
  • Experience with Kotlin, Java and / or Scala
  • Experience with Kafka, RabbitMQ and / or ActiveMQ is a plus
  • Experience with Elasticsearch is a plus
  • Experience with Spring Boot and / or Docker is a plus
  • Experience with EDA, DDD and / or Microservices is a plus
  • Experience with Python, Golang or NodeJS is a plus
What's is being offered?
  • Salary up to € 90.000 based on knowledge and experience
  • Stock options!
  • The possibility to work 32, 36 or 40 hours & to allocate hours completely freely
  • Both remote and office work possible
  • 25 vacation days, but these are not tracked
  • Laptop of your choice
Have you always wanted to work for a very well-funded tech scale up that builds products for a sustainable world as a Lead Backend Developer Kotlin Utrecht?


Respond via the form below or send your CV to Roy Schaper via [email protected] 

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Salarisinformatie Bruto € 7.500 p/m
Contactpersoon Roy Schaper
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