(Frontend) Software Engineer for Model Based Development - Venlo


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  • Junior/Medior/Senior niveau
  • Vast contract
  • Fulltime
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You will work in the team that is creating the Virtual Printer. While working alongside a system architect on model-based development, you will focus on designing and implementing the envisioned front-end to the Virtual Printer. To this end, you will interact with both existing and potential new users of the Virtual Printer on one hand, and the various simulation model experts and the software team that integrates the back-end of the Virtual Printer on the other hand


We develop several high-end digital inkjet printer systems for the high-volume and graphic arts professional printing markets. Here, the demands on print quality are stringent. To support developing print processes that yield prints of high quality, Canon Production Printing is developing a Virtual Printer that exploits various models to simulate the overall print process and to evaluate print quality at system-level. Canon Production Printing considers exploitation of such model-based way-of-working as essential for efficiently performing continuous innovation for competitive products.

The simulation models are often created by domain experts with specialized backgrounds in engineering disciplines such as software, electronics, mechanics, physics and chemistry. As a result, the current Virtual Printer can only be used by the experts who created the simulation models, while our intention is to scale-up their exploitation throughout the whole R&D organization. To this end, the usability of the Virtual Printer must be improved by providing a front-end to the simulation models, which allows expressing a printer system, the print process parameters to vary/tune, the print quality aspects to evaluate and various other aspects in domain-specific languages conform terminology used (instead of in the various simulation model specific details).

We ultimately envision a collaborative web-based front-end exploiting technology for domain-specific languages as the approach to lift our Virtual Printer to the whole R&D organization, where various experts bring their expertise together in the Virtual Printer by exploiting domain-specific languages. Without making a step in this direction, exploitation of the Virtual Printer will remain limited to the few simulation model experts, which does not scale

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  • Bachelor degree with at least 5 years of experience OR
  • Master degree with a couple years of experience (1-3 years)
  • Hardware affinity
  • Knowledge of Jetbrains MPS is considered a pre
  • Independent working attitude

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Founded in 1877 in Venlo, the Netherlands, our company has a long history of technical innovation and development. A key asset is inkjet, a game-changing and widely applicable imaging technology. Our ambition is to build on our expertise in jetting for high-volume, high-speed printing and to position ourselves as a thought leader in jetting technology and applications. Jetting is key to our future, and we are energized by our exploration of its extensive possibilities.

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