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Are you ready for summer? Did you get to work on your beach body lately? Don’t worry, you’re not the only one. Millions of people are just waiting for a chance to get back in the gym to get that pent up energy out. But how do we make sure their experience is as safe and smooth as possible? That’s where you come in.

I burn enough calories by coding, but please go on…

With hundreds of sports clubs throughout Europe, this company is looking to make sports accessible for anyone looking to get fit and wants to make sure its members get the best experience possible while doing so. And, as you know, the easiest way to improve is by building better software. Digital solutions that give members insights into their own performance and give access to the clubs’ services. Products that ensure you’ll never have to wait to use one of the machines or get personal coaching again. Apps that actually make stuff better.

To help them in this mission, they’ve asked us to help them find a React Native Developer with a passion for customer experience. Someone who’s willing to join a new team, in a new office, building new stuff. Don’t worry, they already have plenty set up and know what they want but this is a truly new initiative to change the way they do things. To change the way gyms work. And you, can be a part of it.

Nice, what does the training schedule look like?

Most of your work(out) will focus on sprinting with the product owners to develop well-shaped mobile apps. Android and iOS apps. Of course, you can only improve by keeping track of your performance so you’ll also be integrating analytics to tell us which areas we need to focus on. Lastly, it’s important to maintain proper posture at all times. Therefore you’ll be maintaining our tests as well.

Sounds like a good workout, what do I need to bring?

A relevant degree for starters and a number of years of experience as a React Native Developer. Of course, JavaScript is your base. Further knowledge of GIT, Typescript, REST, and Swagger should definitely give you a competitive edge and if you really want to stay ahead of the pack, test automation and analytics integration are great performance enhancers.

Do I at least get a free gym membership?

Yes, but don’t worry. You won’t be required to use it. And they’ll even pay you! A base salary between €55.000 and €65.000 and excellent secondary benefits including 25 holidays and awesome company trips. Not to mention the opportunity to help millions of people achieve their personal fitness goals while building a game-changing company. Warmed up yet? Great, time to click apply and start sweating!

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Salarisinformatie Bruto € 4.583 p/m
Bedrijfsomschrijving Wij zijn Search X. Een recruitment agency, gespecialiseerd in het bemiddelen van IT, Sales en Marketing professionals voor vaste vacatures en freelance opdrachten. Van Junior tot Executive level en van Start-up tot Multinational, maar altijd met het uitgangspunt: Kwaliteit boven kwantiteit, eerlijk en oprecht.

Sinds onze start in 2013 hebben wij ons er elke dag voor ingezet om het leven van onze klanten en kandidaten, leuker en beter te maken. Het gaat namelijk altijd om mensen, dat staat buiten kijf. Daarom werken wij alleen voor bedrijven waar we zelf ook zouden willen werken. Innovatieve Scale-ups zoals Facevalue, Ireckonu en Boldking, maar ook grote gevestigde multinationals zoals Heineken, Accenture en Wolters Kluwer.

Wat wij doen, doen we anders dan anderen. Wij vinden niet wat je zoekt, maar wat je nodig hebt. #EigenwijsLoyaal

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