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It’s 2020, advances in technology are opening new doors on a daily basis and things are getting infinitely more complex every day. We’re better connected than ever and gathering more data than we can process. Unfortunately, that doesn’t make us more productive or successful. With all these opportunities it’s hard not to get distracted and as we all know, the secret to success is staying focused. Fortunately, there’s one company working to create order out of this chaos. And they’re looking for you.

That’s impressive, but how?

With a few hundred employees spread out over a number of different business units, this company works to create solutions that make people and organizations more productive and as a result, more successful. They work with clients across different industries, ranging from Healthcare to Security, and invest time in getting to know their clients. Not just the company but more importantly, the people who work there. It’s their daily work, their tasks, and routines, that provide the insights necessary to create impactful solutions. Because that’s what it’s all about: making an impact.

It’s easy to look at a process and imagine how it might be improved. It’s a lot harder to come up with a solution that actually works in practice - a solution that’s scalable, a solution that’s pleasant to work with, a solution that makes employees happier and companies more successful. So how do they do it? With the same thing they offer their clients: focus. Each business unit focuses on a specific industry, with developers and designers working closely together to deliver solutions that are not only technically sound but also easy to use.

Does this sound like your kind of company? Good, because they’re looking for a passionate Ruby Developer.

Are you sure I have the right skill set?

Of course, you do. You’re an experienced RoR engineer after all. You’ve been involved in pretty much the entire development cycle: from doing customer research and designing the solution to development, automated testing, and deployment. Asking questions is your favorite pastime and you work well with others, even if they’re members of another team or organization. In other words, you’re their soon-to-be new team member.

That definitely sounds like me but I’d like to know what I get in return

We’ll start with a competitive salary of course. Yes, I know you’ve heard that before but trust me, it’s true. It doesn’t stop there though. They also offer excellent secondary benefits, including a solid pension, a profit-sharing plan, a 13th month and last but definitely not least: flexible working and working from home. If you’re still reading, I’m sorry to have to tell you the job description ends here but feel free to click apply and I’d be happy to tell you about them in more detail.

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Bedrijfsomschrijving Wij zijn Search X. Een recruitment agency, gespecialiseerd in het bemiddelen van IT, Sales en Marketing professionals voor vaste vacatures en freelance opdrachten. Van Junior tot Executive level en van Start-up tot Multinational, maar altijd met het uitgangspunt: Kwaliteit boven kwantiteit, eerlijk en oprecht.

Sinds onze start in 2013 hebben wij ons er elke dag voor ingezet om het leven van onze klanten en kandidaten, leuker en beter te maken. Het gaat namelijk altijd om mensen, dat staat buiten kijf. Daarom werken wij alleen voor bedrijven waar we zelf ook zouden willen werken. Innovatieve Scale-ups zoals Facevalue, Ireckonu en Boldking, maar ook grote gevestigde multinationals zoals Heineken, Accenture en Wolters Kluwer.

Wat wij doen, doen we anders dan anderen. Wij vinden niet wat je zoekt, maar wat je nodig hebt. #EigenwijsLoyaal

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