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Java Software Engineer Amsterdam • Search X Recruitment

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Want to be part of a worldwide breakthrough? And looking for a challenge to put your Software Engineering skills to the test? This can be your new employer, where you can contribute to a big game-changer in banking land.

What’s this about?

In the sea of banking services, there are a few big fish swimming around, and one of these fish is starting to become blue-whale-sized. But they’re not there yet. For that, they need the biggest talents in Development tooling, people who know what they’re doing and want to learn more than that. Because it’s time for this company to make a worldwide impact. And in line with that process, you will make a worldwide impact as well.

And what is it I will be contributing to?

Contributing to building a complete infrastructure, that’s what you will do. Because that’s what they’re doing here. Hundreds of developers here use development tools for that task, and you will help provide those tools. You’ll do this in the team that enables the development workflows and manages the build system. In that way, the code quality tools are structurally improved and developers can ask their questions to the best people.

You will be building and training the brain behind the platform, with a focus on scaling acces to the intelligence and capabilities businesses need. You can join in a variety of teams, who all work on this goal with a different approach.

Great! What check marks do I have to fill?

A real Java Software Engineer knows his business in Core Java, web services, REST API’s and SQL/PostgreSQL. Luckily, you enjoy working in a cross-functional team with roles like Data Science, Frontend and Product. With your skills in asking the ‘why’ question and eye for detail, this job is going to be great.

And what’s in it for me?

Don’t you worry about your reward here. If the stuff you read above here doesn’t motivate you enough, we know how to trigger you even more. If they are up to something big, something big should be in return for you. And who doesn’t want to be part of such a big, game-changing project like this? Jeroen will tell you more about it as soon as you apply.

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