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Function description

You are currently working as a Network Engineer. You know the industry like no other and may therefore consider yourself experienced. Yet you find it important to continue to develop yourself. Both on a personal level and in the area of your career. You would prefer to do this within a company that offers you these opportunities. Of course with a team of professionals around you who, just like you, are passionate and driven in what they do. In addition, you have experience with various techniques and solutions. Does this description appeal to you? Then this job as a Network Engineer is exactly what you are looking for.

This company has an impressive client portfolio which guarantees challenging projects. This club offers the best of both worlds. Working with top professionals and an environment in which you can develop optimally are very important within this company. The company structure offers enough space and time for this. The work is usually carried out from the office. Travelling to the client is therefore not necessary.

This company requires an experienced Network Engineer to perform work from the office in Veenendaal. You are familiar with techniques such as Dell Networking, Office 365, Enterprise Mobility and Security products and Powershell. You are also familiar with other related solutions. You can work well together within a team and enjoy taking on challenging projects. In addition, you like to continue to develop yourself in this area because you know that within this infrastructure you've never been outdone. In addition, they also ask:

This leading company offers a pleasant business atmosphere in which sufficient time and space is made available to develop yourself. You will be stimulated to obtain various certifications in order to get the most out of yourself. You will work within an experienced and driven team of professionals. You work on challenging projects for large clients from the Veenendaal office. In addition, they also offer:

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Company description Wij geloven in de kracht van een goed netwerk en goed huiswerk. Het loont om tijd te investeren in de zoektocht en het selectieproces, met als doel om de beste IT professionals voor de lange termijn te vinden. Wij opereren in een nichemarkt, met een focus op Microsoft Productivity (Office365, SharePoint, Dynamics en Azure). Onze jarenlange ervaring en specialisatie binnen Microsoft Recruitment zorgt ervoor dat wij de beste Microsoft Professionals kennen, de beste Microsoft vacatures kunnen aanbieden en daarbij ook de beste match kunnen maken voor beide partijen.

In onze beleving is de wereld van hit & run recruitment voorbij. De recruiter die gaat voor kwantiteit en iedere dag met een CV, die niet aansluit, aankomt gaat het niet meer redden. Slechte service en onethisch handelen, puur om de commissie op te strijken is niet meer van deze tijd.

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