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  • HBO or higher
  • Junior level
  • Traineeship
  • 40 hours p/w
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Function description In order to become a specialist as a starting Software Engineer, it is important to develop yourself in several areas. During your training you have gained a lot of knowledge about the profession, but now it is time to put it into practice at a company. Brunel offers you the opportunity to gain experience as a starter at one of our clients. During the talent programme you will be well guided by a consultant and according to our buddy system an experienced Software Specialist from Brunel will be linked to you. With them you discuss your progress, things you encounter and you can discuss technical challenges.

During the Talent Programme Software Engineering you will have the opportunity to further develop your knowledge. By attending courses on the subject, you specialize in Java or .NET and obtain the title of OCP or MCSD. In addition, you will obtain certifications in the field of ITIL, BiSL and Scrum which are a prerequisite for being able to work for many large organisations. Finally, it is also important to develop your communication skills. By taking your softskills to a higher level, you will easily identify the needs of clients and be able to translate their wishes into an end product. These trainings will be provided by specialists from Brunel.

The programme consists of the following components:
  • Developing a working application of scratch in a team context
  • You obtain certification and receive the title of MCSD or OCP.
  • You gain experience with Scrum
  • Interactive meetings with Software Community
  • Gaining work experience with your client
  • Team outing

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Requirements You are at the beginning of your career and enjoy working with your colleagues on cool projects. You have communication skills and like to work towards a solution that colleagues or clients can work with. With a college or university degree in the field of Software Engineering and the ambition to develop yourself further, you are the perfect candidate for this talent programme. Are you taking the opportunity to become a specialist? Then apply using the button below!

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Language proficiency Must have: Dutch
Nice to have: English
Company description At Brunel we only go for the best of the best. If you are an experienced specialist with a proven track record, we would love to welcome you to our organization. Together with you we will look for the next step in your career.

Strong global network with interesting clients
We bring together interesting clients and talented specialists. Over the past 40 years, we have built up a strong and global network in this area. We offer you boundless service with challenging opportunities. We do this within the fields of Engineering, IT, Finance, Legal, Marketing & Communication and Sales. There are also plenty of opportunities internationally.

Personal guidance, tailor-made training and excellent terms of employment
Brunel is a very enterprising organisation. We attach great importance to talent and ambition. That's why we think it's very important that you can continuously develop yourself personally. You can discuss the content with your consultant. In addition, we offer you a tailor-made training programme. In addition to the good career opportunities, you also have excellent primary and secondary employment conditions. With us, for example, you have a bonus entitlement, a favourable pension scheme and a group discount on individual insurances.

Working on a project basis with the certainty of a permanent contract
Working with Brunel means choosing from many interesting companies and functions. We offer you access to the top 100 companies, as well as regional organisations within various sectors. This gives you the opportunity to gain a lot of experience in a short period of time. You can work with us in different ways. In most cases you will be seconded through us. That way you have flexibility with the certainty of a permanent contract.

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Salary info Salary negotiable

Being seconded by Brunel IT as a software engineer means that you will be employed by Brunel. At Brunel, your career comes first. In addition to a good salary, you can count on us:

- Plenty of room for further development as a specialist, both in terms of breadth and depth.
- Support with several interesting courses within the Talent Programme completed with certifications such as MCSD and SCRUM.
- Flexibility and security of a contract
- Guidance with every project. Wherever you are, you have a permanent contact at Brunel.
- Collective discount on individual insurances
- Fun extras in the cultural and sporting field

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Other info As a starter you will become part of the Brunel Software Community and build up a large network of specialists in the field. The group consists of both less experienced and senior Software Developers. This group meets regularly to exchange professional ideas, to play games or just for fun.

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Loes van den Oever Contact person Ms. Loes van den Oever
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