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It is important that you get the most out of yourself and your career. That's why we offer you different possibilities. For example, you can start working as a seconded employee for our many national and international clients or you can start at our Outsourcing & Projects department. Whichever way you go, we will ensure that you develop optimally within your field of expertise.



As a starter on the job market, are you looking for a flying start in your career? Or are you an experienced IT professional looking for a new challenge? We can help you realise your ambitions and dreams. From Service Desk Officer to Technical Network Manager or from Application Manager to IT Manager; it's all possible! We can offer you a wide range of positions at various organisations. In addition, you will be given the space to obtain indispensable certificates and diplomas. At PEAK-IT you will not only get a job, but more than just a job. You will get a career like only you can imagine. Your career is our priority!

460 employees 3 locations 80-20% male/female average age 31 years
Broadening knowledge or rather specialising?

Broadening knowledge or rather specialising?

Would you like to broaden your knowledge? Or would you rather specialize in a certain field? At PEAK-IT you get the opportunity to do so! We facilitate a wide range of IT training and certification options. The training programme consists of various components, which complement and reinforce each other perfectly. By means of a Personal Development Plan (POP) you know exactly where you stand.

Training programme Personal Development Plan

Define your career path together

To make your dream career come true, set out your career path with one of our field managers. Whether you want to grow, deepen or specialize in infrastructure or process and project management, your growth is central at all times. In this way you will actually achieve your ambitions. With the personal guidance of the field manager, you are assured of a tailor-made career path that will give you your ideal job. By gaining both practical and theoretical experiences, together we build on your future. Check out our ICT vacancies

Salary at PEAK-IT

Average salary € 2,850 p/m
Average salary support per career level
  • Junior
  • Medior
  • Senior
  • € 2,000
  • € 2,200
  • € 2,400
Average salary system administrator per career level
  • Junior system administrator
  • Medior system administrator
  • Senior system administrator
  • € 3,000
  • € 3,500
  • € 4,000

Conditions of employment
Working at PEAK-IT means that you will have plenty of opportunities to accelerate your career. Whether you are a junior helpdesk employee or senior system administrator with us, you will be offered various training courses, you will be guided in your career and you will be given numerous career opportunities. When you join us, you will receive good primary terms of employment. But you don't have to worry about fringe benefits either. We provide a good pension scheme, advantageous group insurances and excellent training opportunities. Depending on your level, training and certifications, you will receive an appropriate remuneration. Below you will find a summary of the terms and conditions.

- Salary in line with the market;
- Chance of performance bonuses;
- Excellent training opportunities that match your experience;
- Annual salary increase in accordance with the Personal Development Plan;
- Lease car or travel allowance;
- Good pension plan;
- Advantageous group insurances;
- 25 holidays;
- 8% holiday allowance;

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Would you like to work on challenging assignments and develop yourself further in your field?
 Take a look at our IT vacancies and introduce yourself to us by applying!

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How can PEAK-IT help you?

Juliette Keeven

Juliette Keeven

The professional is always central to me as a human being. I do that by listening and thinking along in solutions. Where necessary, I offer mental and job coaching. In this way I help my employees to find a good balance between work and private life.

Sandra Arends

Sandra Arends

As a coach, I find it important to show sincere interest in my professionals. I also strive for our professionals to feel good about themselves and I am always there for them. I offer a lot of structure and clarity in order to achieve a clear goal together.

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