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Since 2007, Neomax has been the Dutch IT secondment agency in the field of support and management. With over 100 IT professionals, we serve 250 of the top 500 clients in the Netherlands. In 12 years time, Neomax has seconded more than 1,400 IT professionals and we have won 5 awards and 6 nominations.

About Neomax

Why work via Neomax?

What was the starting point 20 years ago when Hans Eizema and Vikram Kapoor founded iSense? "What would happen if young people's ideas were just to be put into practice?" and "What if you could genuinely help clients and not just with the standard cases?".

It appears that the principle of more than 20 years ago has borne fruit. Because then you will have an organisation that is full of ambition and full of enthusiasm to get to work. We won't stop until we have the best ICT Professional in the most enjoyable and challenging workplace. And not unimportantly, we also have a lot of fun together. With a large group of employees who have been with us for a long time, we know better than anyone how the IT market works.

120 employees 2 locations 70-30% male/female average age 30 years
Develop, grow and perform!

Develop, grow and perform!

At iSense, we don't just look at how big you already are as an ICT Professional, but also at how big you can become! Because why would you take a job that wouldn't fit anymore?! Through our knowledge events, the iSense Learning Center, field coaching and active guidance, we help people and organizations grow. iSense, on growth!

Culture Capability Commitment

Knowledge development

We professionalise the development of knowledge and ensure its constant further development. Working for us means developing and growing with an ultramodern learning platform and a proven continuous learning method!
We organise knowledge sessions about SSEM, VMWare, for example. That's interesting and fun! Because you get to know your Neomax colleagues better and the knowledge sessions always end with a small drink. In addition, we organise classroom training courses. After all, we don't do anything about standing still. You always have to develop, whether you are a junior or senior. Check out our ICT vacancies

Salaries Neomax

Average salary € 2,750 p/m
Average salary support per career level
  • Junior support
  • Medior support
  • Senior support
  • € 2,200
  • € 2,500
  • € 2,700
Average salary system administrator per career level
  • Junior system administrator
  • Medior system administrator
  • € 3,000
  • € 3,500

Conditions of employment
You'll get all the opportunities you need to grow quickly and develop yourself. We also promise a lot of fun. Working at neomax is not only great fun, later on you can look back with great pleasure on a wonderful time in which you have learned a lot. A permanent contract. Possibility of a lease car and laptop. Ample and free training opportunities, no study agreement. 25 days' holiday and 8% holiday pay.

Send your resume to Neomax Neomax see if they can match you to your perfect employer. Open application at Neomax

ICT vacancies at Neomax (11)

Neomax offers various vacancies in the field of support and management. Great projects where you can gain experience. Curious about the possibilities? Check out one of our vacancies and apply directly or call for more information!

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Working at Neomax experiences


system administrator

Neomax gives me a lot of freedom. I am regularly involved in team meetings and they are always open to new ideas. I have the feeling that everything can be discussed here!


field coach

At the moment I experience Neomax as a very skilled and fine employer who cares a lot about his staff and likes to do everything to keep both customer and employee happy. The 3xBLIJ statement is therefore certainly complied with. In addition, they offer a listening ear, and where necessary they come up with solutions if something needs to be thought about. The communication with the employee is also very good and personal. The use of a field coach has a positive influence on this.

Neomax events & updates

Communication Training

Customer-oriented communication for service desk employees! Sign up before 9 January 2020.

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Assertiveness Training

Follow up on communications training. Communicate between colleagues and develop yourself in terms of soft skills. Sign up for 6 February 2020!

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Make the difference with your roadmap

Into the depths? Or rather up? You can do it at Neomax. We help you achieve your ambitions. Do you want to become a specialist? Or would you prefer to remain a generalist? Do you have management ambitions? Within our Neomax IT Academy, everything is possible!

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