Job NET Developer, Microservices, Azure, DevOps, CI/CD, DDD, very good terms of employment. - Rotterdam


Human Source Group
  • Human Source Group
  • HBO or higher
  • Junior/Medior level
  • Permanent contract
  • 40 hours p/w
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Function description As a C#.NET Developer, you will work in the self-directed DevOps Azure Cloud team where everything revolves around Microservices, CI/CD, DDD, REST, APIs, Azure Cloud, test automation and much more. If you like it, you can also use the ASP.NET MVC Core web frontend.

As a senior member of this DevOps team, you can indulge yourself. The technical challenge, innovations and working environment will appeal to you enormously. You will have the opportunity to apply your own ideas, new technologies and innovations. In addition to developing, you will work with other senior citizens on the requirements and architecture for both the team and in consultation with other teams.

Own initiative is rewarded here. If you have a good idea, you will be given responsibility for it and you will be allowed to carry it out.

You work for an internal client, who, of course, as it should be at DevOps, speaks to you very regularly and gives presentations as a team. This way you know what's going on at the client and you can already respond well to this as a team. The customer is demanding, but also cooperates well and is open to new initiatives and innovations.

The Team Manager is experienced, social, open and has an eye for people.

  • Thinking along with the requirements;
  • Development of C#.NET;
  • Thinking along and initiating the technical innovations;
  • Presenting the software together with the team.

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  • Minimum HBO work/mind level;
  • At least 2-3 years of experience with C#.NET;
  • Experience with Cloud;
  • Experience within an Agile Scrum environment;
  • Experience with one of the aforementioned techniques or methodologies such as Microservices, CI/CD, DDD, REST, APIs, Test automation, ASP.NET MVC Core.

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Language proficiency Must have: Dutch
Company description Bedrijfsprofiel

• Grote organisatie;
• Mooie naam om voor te werken, staan als werkgever zeer goed bekend in de markt;
• State-of-the-art;
• Mooi open kantoor met een rustige afdeling waar je goed geconcentreerd kan werken;
• Leuk en gezellige afdeling van 15 FTE, verdeeld in teams;
• Vrijdagmiddag 'borrel';
• Veel vrijheid;
• Flexibele begin en eindtijden tussen 7.00u en 9.30u;
• Zeer goede arbeidsvoorwaarden.

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Salary info Gross € 3,500 - € 5,000 p/m

Fixed 13th month;
30+ holidays;
Performance bonus; 0-2 months;
Bonus: September 1.6%;
Reimbursement of travel expenses;
Pension compensation;
Bicycle plan;
Discount on sports;
Discount on health insurance.

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Other info Company Profile
  • Large organization;
  • A nice name to work for, as an employer they are very well known in the market;
  • State-of-the-art;
  • Nice open office with a quiet department where you can work well concentrated;
  • Nice and cozy department of 15 FTE, divided into teams;
  • Friday afternoon "drink";
  • Lots of freedom;
  • Flexible start and end times between 7.00h and 9.30h;
  • Very good working conditions.

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Contact person Ms. Iris Meester
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