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In recent years we have grown to a company with over 500 employees. With 100 ambitious consultants in the office and over 400 ICT professionals deployed at our clients, we let people and organization grow.

About iSense ICT Professionals

Why iSense?

What was the starting point 20 years ago when Hans Eizema and Vikram Kapoor founded iSense? "What would happen if young people's ideas were just to be put into practice?" and "What if you could genuinely help clients and not just with the standard cases?".

It appears that the principle of more than 20 years ago has borne fruit. Because then you will have an organisation that is full of ambition and full of enthusiasm to get to work. We won't stop until we have the best ICT Professional in the most enjoyable and challenging workplace. And not unimportantly, we also have a lot of fun together. With a large group of employees who have been with us for a long time, we know better than anyone how the IT market works.

500 employees 3 locations 70-30% male/female average age 37 years
Growing in your career

Growing in your career

At iSense, we don't just look at how big you already are as an ICT Professional, but also at how big you can become! Because why would you take a job that wouldn't fit anymore?! Through our knowledge events, the iSense Learning Center, field coaching and active guidance, we help people and organizations grow. iSense, on growth!

Opportunities for advancement Free training Career guidance

Knowledge sharing

We also like to give something back to the ICT community. We do this by sharing knowledge. Our passion for this is expressed, for example, in our Summits. Renowned speakers share their knowledge during free knowledge events that we organise about every month. Important topics within the ICT community are dealt with, purely and simply to share knowledge with each other!
In addition, the 'ICT labour market quarterly report' is published every quarter, in which the most important developments within the ICT labour market are mapped out. In addition, during the IT On Tour, we take students on a trip to leading organisations. In this way, the students get a picture of the organisation and various functions within the IT sector. Check out our ICT vacancies

Salary at iSense ICT Professionals

Average salary € 3,200 p/m
Average salary per career level
  • Junior
  • Medior
  • Senior
  • € 2,500
  • € 3,300
  • € 4,000
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ICT vacancies at iSense (86)

As an ICT specialist, iSense has various ICT jobs and challenges for your career on growth! We have great vacancies for the job groups: developer, consultant, system administrator and many more interesting positions! We have ICT vacancies throughout the Netherlands, such as Utrecht, Amsterdam, Rotterdam and Den Bosch. Find your future ICT job on growth!

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"During the preliminary phase, I was well guided. I even received a message in the morning wishing me luck. That gives me the feeling that iSense is really involved"-Saskia

iSense ICT Professionals events & updates

iSense ICT Professionals

At iSense we find it important to share knowledge. During the Summits, renowned experts and speakers will share their knowledge and experiences with you. You can visit the Summits for free. You can expect a lot of technical depth on the basis of use cases. In this way, you will stay up to date with all the latest developments in the IT field. At the drinks you can also talk to colleagues and specialists or get inspired.

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The IT Summits will be turned into handy whitepapers. In the whitepapers the topics of the accompanying Summit are discussed in detail. Think of Cloud, Security and Artificial Intelligence. This way you can still get the information if you could not be present at the summit.

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Quarterly reports

We find it important to share knowledge. With our ICT labour market reports we try to sketch a picture of the trends in the field of IT functions. In addition, our labour market reports show how the ICT labour market has developed and how the quarter relates to previous quarters.

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