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  • HBO or higher
  • Medior/Senior level
  • Permanent contract
  • 40 hours p/w
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Function description

You've now gained a bit of an impression of the company, but it's also nice to know what you're going to do. You'll be working on the backend here with Laravel, because they use that as a framework here. However, it is important that you have completed a relevant HBO/WO study programme so that you can use your intelligence to know how to approach the projects. In addition to your diploma, a hard requirement is that you have at least 3 years of work experience in building and testing web applications! Do you also know how to set up high-load and high-performance environments in collaboration with the backend? All the way to the top! It's also nice that you're a team player with communication skills, because you'll be able to switch both with your colleagues and customers.

Are you still interested and do you think you fit in with this company? Please contact me, I'd be happy to tell you more about it.

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In addition, they have also drawn up a package of wishes. If it says that is a hard requirement then it is also a hard requirement, sorry I haven't thought of the requested profile either.
- You have completed a relevant HBO/WO course;
- You have at least 3 years work experience with PHP and OOP (hard requirement);
- You have experience with Laravel or Symfony (hard requirement);
- You have experience with testing and building web applications (hard requirement);
- You have experience with Craft CMS;
- You have experience with Git, Bitbucked for CI/CD;
- You don't have a 9-to-5 mentality;
- You have good communication skills;
- You have a good command of the Dutch and English languages in words and writing;
- You have a sense of humour (you don't have to have a sense of humour yourself).

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Language proficiency Must have: Dutch, English
Company description

For a digital agency in the heart of Amsterdam I'm looking for a medior or senior Backend PHP developer (Laravel) with at least a little sense of humor. I read your mind and you think, what's he gonna say about the organization now? Of course I can tell you everything about how cool the organization is, that they work for great clients like Amsterdam Dance Event and that it is of course a very challenging job but you have to find out for yourself, right? Do you like having colleagues? Well, that's a good thing, there are 25 colleagues working here who also have a little bit of humour. They are working on projects where the releases take place on Wednesday so if you want to work 32 hours, which is possible, and want to be free on Wednesday then you don't need to read on. Imagine a customer asking at the last minute to build or modify another one. You may not have time for that, but it just has to be done, so you're expected to work on it if you need to. Do I have to work overtime a lot? No, this happens sometimes but it can happen so you know that. They will order you a nice pizza for everyone so you don't have to start with your keyboard. You'll get a place in the office next to it, fine, huh? These are flexpekken, so if you've had enough of your colleague Marcel (who is of course a very nice colleague), you can just sit somewhere else today. As a developer you naturally want to continue to develop yourself and in addition to your colleague Marcel who can support you in this, there is also another possibility. They also find it important that you continue to develop yourself so it is possible to go to a congress or fair and the nice thing is that this is paid for by your employer.

What is also nice to know is that this company is easily accessible by public transport.

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Salary info Salary negotiable
Other info Conditions of employment

The working conditions here are very good and you get the opportunity to develop yourself as a developer!

Are you interested? Please contact me by phone: 06 39 07 98 28 or via [email protected]

More info

Call 088-8833060 to contact Ted Bronkhorst or email your CV to: [email protected]

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